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At Musician Playground, we provide members with a 360- degree market approach. We offer our members a competitive promotional platform to grow their fan base. On the music industry side, we provide members the means to access A &R Executives, Music Supervisors, Music Directors, Music Programmers, DJ’s etc. Our full-scale approach drives our success, we recognize our continual growth correlates with the success we continue to create for our members.
In order to maintain our position as the premier networking site providing this level of support to its members, our team networks with influencers in the music, entertainment and technology sectors on a continual basis. As true partners to them, we strategically work on their behalf to leverage our access, relationships and expertise to drive their exposure.
With traditional fan access limited to biographical information, images, music, video, fan mail and other musician content, we provide resources that allow our members to connect with other artists and a broader fan base. Our member profile pages are extremely marketable, attractive and user-friendly. The cutting-edge platform displays their work, while providing them a great marketing tool to attract music industry leaders.
Providing access to members to contact A&R Executives, Music Supervisors, Music Directors, and DJs have proven to be invaluable. We do this very well through variety of proprietary efforts. Our network provides project boards featuring projects given to us by clients looking for new music for major artists or tv/film projects. Our members can view projects seeking their type of work. Members are encouraged to submit music they feel meet a certain project ‘s description. Submissions are accessible and easy, with the simple click of a button, music is submitted from a member’s profile page.
Musician Playground is proud to be the #1 tool for indie artists, bands and labels. In today’s music landscape artists and labels are taking charge of their own careers, successfully building their brands independently. Musician Playground continues to be the most comprehensive platform giving them the leverage they need to maximize their success. Musician Playground connects executives to artists, artists to other artists, and audiences to the type of music they love and support.


We offer one-on-one support to members that can’t be duplicated elsewhere. All MP Platinum members receive an expert in their specialty and genre to serve as their representative to support them with licensing and placement opportunities. Our experts have direct relationships with music industry executives and understand their needs for each project. Members MP Representatives post, accept and evaluate submissions to pair artist’s music with the right projects based on the guidelines. Once a member’s work is selected by a client, a MP Representative works with them to broker a music licensing or publishing deal on their behalf. Deals are only official after a member has provided consent to the terms of the licensing contract.
Artists have daily access to check the listings on the members only Projects Board. Projects Boards are clearinghouse of information on recordings, films, events and/or bands seeking musicians or vocalists. When labels or music supervisors for tv/film projects have a need, they submit it to us to post on our major project board for members to make submissions.
In an effort to make our submission process beneficial for both members and clients, we review all project submissions to ensure it fits the client’s request. Once we confirm the music submitted meets the clients request, it’ll be passed along to the client for consideration.
Sponsorship/MP partnership
Musician Playground is built as a hierarchy system. All members join and begin on our entry level C-list membership. Musicians advance from C-List all the way to A-List Gold based on their profile engagement, the amount of page views received, page shares, song and video plays play apart in our members climbing to the top of the Musician Playground’s network.
• Once at the top of the network, A-list profile pages appear at the top of our search page even when visitors are looking for specialties or other genres.
• A-List members are eligible to become MP partners and receive sponsoring from advisement and brand sponsoring.
• A-List and Platinum members are eligible for MP Booking service. We help them find paying gigs and they become eligible to perform at Musician Playground events, to include Customer Appreciation Block Parties and Musician Playground festival.

We help members maintain a personal connection with their adoring fans, whether they have five or five million. Our unique member profile pages are simple for music fans and viewers of their profile to learn all they need to fall in love with them and their talent. Every thing from music, videos, bio’s and event calendars are accessible and easy for our members to access. Visitors to their profile may leave comments and easily share their profile with others via social media channels and email. Musician Playground has unique tools, our Video Status tool allow members to record short clips to share with their followers. Members can, and are encouraged to show sneak peeks from inside the recording studio, tour bus or backstage. Artists use the Video Status to create short introductions to clips, music and images they post. Members truly have options that are as limitless as their imaginations.

Members use our various tools to connect directly with other musicians, music executives, and music lovers. Members are are eligible to attend our music conferences, events, and meet and greets to connect, and potentially collaborate with like-minded individuals.

Meet other musicians from around the world by clicking the collaborate button on their profile page. Once they except a member’s collaboration request members can communicate and share with one another on their Playground newsfeed. We make it easy for members to receive help on their projects from other Playground members by posting project requirements on other member’s project board. Example: Jason is looking for a songwriter to help bring his track to life. In order to make the project submission deadline, he has to create a project and include the specialty and genre need. The member’s project request will appear on all Musician Playground members project boards. If interested, members have access to contact Jason regarding collaborating with him on the project. The same tool is used to help build your band with talented musicians. Members connect and collaborate with artists they would not have a chance to access easily.

New members can take advantage of this incredible access by signing up today to propel their career with the Musician Playground.

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